Eelgrass is here!

Eelgrass CoverEelgrass is here! I am so excited!

There is a paperback (here) and an ebook (kindle edition here) available RIGHT NOW; they are being processed by all of the various ebookstores and should be available soon.

Here’s the summary:

In Irish folklore, a selkie is a seal who can take off her sealskin like a coat and become a woman, seducing fishermen anywhere she goes. If one steals her sealskin, she is bound to his home, marrying him and mothering his children – unless she can find it and escape, leaving her family on shore forever.

In Eelgrass, a lesbian reimagining of tales about women and the sea, Efa is having too much fun to worry about stories. Too young to have earned respect in her village, she spends her days roving with her beautiful and vivacious best friend, Bettan — until the night Bettan disappears into a rainstorm, and Efa can’t shake the certainty that she’s been taken.

Desperate to rescue her friend, Efa seeks out the fishwives, half-human fish who dwell under the tides and kill sailors with their sharp teeth and alluring songs. She doesn’t expect to find Ninka, an outrageous young woman who makes her feel giddy and who might be the key to unlocking her own courage.

It’s a lot more fun and romantic than my other stories thus far, and I am really excited to bring it to print. There will be a hardcover edition forthcoming.

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