“Probably won’t make no money off this… oh well.”

One of the unexpected and delightful things about the decision to start publishing my writing and operating as a business is how confident I feel after only a few months. I have a business banking account now; I’ve been paid enough money to go out to dinner at Denny’s by myself with one child if it’s on a Tuesday when kids under twelve eat free. The difference between the first time I wrote a bio of myself (two hours, six people consulted, tears shed) and the most recent time (three minutes, two changes of wording, honestly it’s an author bio) is astonishing.

I haven’t completely figured out what I want to do with this space. I don’t have any plans for regular, scheduled posts, most importantly because I want to keep my actual deadlines rock-solid, but also because doing that on top of a day job, a publishing schedule, and chronic pain seems like a great opportunity to have a talk with my loving fiancee about “realistic expectations” and whether they include her making us both mac & cheese out of a box seven nights a week. But I do want a place to talk about what I’m doing.

What I’m Doing

  • I’ve done a lot of research on cover design in the past few months, and I am really excited to watch my skills and sensibilities progress.
  • After some consideration, I have taken my short story “In the Bedroom” out of KDP Select and have spread it out to many more markets. Yay! I also tweaked its cover, and once it populates to all of the relevant stores I’ll get some links up for you.
  • A second short story, “Stay,” is available on Amazon & is in KDP Select for the time being. I haven’t decided yet if it will stay there. It’s doing well on Kindle Unlimited, so maybe!
  • I am trying REALLY HARD to use twitter. It’s a little bit awkward! I #can’tgetthehashtagsright and #maybewillneverbeableto. You can see me personally @tcurtfish, or you can watch me (more frequently) gush about my betrothed @loveherbc. That’s supposed to be “love her because,” but she has gotten me reading it as “love her birth control” in the ultimate #IStandWithPP moment.
  • My first novel, Eelgrass, will be available July 14th. It is a story about mermaids and selkies and the worst things that happen to a friendship, and you will like it if you like sharp teeth, gullible narrators, lesbians, or if you wish that three-quarters of The Lord of the Rings had been set at The Prancing Pony. When pre-order links are available, you will have them and we will party.
  • Other than that? Hang out, relax. I am hoping to practice writing newsletters as I have updates, so if you are interested in giving me a supportive audience to write to not too often, sign up! Over there ->>>>>>>

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